Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

“Logic will get you from A-Z. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

—Albert Einstein
Through honesty, innovation, and hard work, we strive to make an impact from our new home in the Hamilton core. Ammar Balika General Manager T: 905-525-2009 E: abalika@hccevents.ca
April Chiro Assistant General Manager T: 905-525-2021 E: achiro@hccevents.ca Our commitment to the success of your event is fueled by our love for our community and passion for hospitality.

Sales Team

Marisa Dumoulin Sales Manager T: 905-525-2010 E: mdumoulin@hccevents.ca Typically, you come in to a venue having an idea of what you want. We will take that idea and mix in a little extraordinary.

Operations Team

Mark McKenzie Operations Manager E: mmckenzie@hccevents.ca With personalized one-of-a-kind service like ours, you won’t ever want your event to come to an end.