Terms & Policies

Terms & Policies

General Information


All inquiries will be considered tentative and therefore subject to cancellation unless a formal agreement has been contracted and executed by the parties and the appropriate deposit delivered to and accepted by the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s. All deposits to be made payable to the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s.

Menu Information

Our Event Sales and Services Associates will be pleased to offer assistance with the selection of food and beverage options. Customized menus are also available upon request. When selecting your menu, please remember that the menu must be identical for all guests attending. Special dietary substitutes are available and must be arranged with your Event Sales and Service Associate a minimum of 72 hours prior to your event date via e-mail only when confirming guaranteed numbers. Those guests who are to receive special meals must be identified to the banquet staff prior to service commencing.

  • Menu selections must be submitted to your Event Sales and Service Associate a minimum of one (1) month prior to the function in order to guarantee selected items.
  • A charge of $25.00 per special meal will be added to your bill for any special dietary substitutes not previously arranged
  • Prices for Kosher and Halal meals are available and can be arranged through your Client Service Associate who will provide prices based on the specific requirements of the individual or group.


  • The Client agrees to submit to the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s by email only to lmcnally@hccevents.ca a final count of the numbers of guests no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the event date.
  • If the FINAL COUNT is NOT delivered in writing 14 days prior to the event, the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s will automatically revert to the contracted MINIMUM GUARANTEE.
  • The FINAL COUNT can increase up to and including 72 hours in advance of the actual event date.
  • Once the FINAL COUNT is delivered by email 14 days in advance, NO decreases will be accepted.
  • If the FINAL COUNT is lower than the INITIAL CONTRACTED COUNT, a surcharge will be applied. The surcharge is a 50% calculation of the price difference between the INITIAL COUNT and the FINAL COUNT and is subject to applicable tax and gratuity.

The Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s will charge for the guaranteed or actual number of guests, whichever is greater. The Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s will prepare and set for three percent (3%) above the guaranteed number, up to a maximum of ten (10) persons. The guarantee number will become the set number if changed on the day of the function. The FINAL BILL will be calculated on the FINAL COUNT or the ACTUAL number of guests in attendance, WHICHEVER ONE IS HIGHER.

Labour Charges

Due to wage premiums, a charge of $10.00 plus HST and F.F. on Statutory Holidays will be added to your price per person. Delays in excess of thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled starting time of a meal or in the event that the meal service extends beyond one (1) hour due to program requirements, an additional labour charge will apply and be charged to the client’s master house account.

Food & Beverage Policy

Please note that only the Centre’s food and beverages are permitted in the function rooms and licensed areas of the Convention Centre. If outside food is brought into the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s without expressed written consent from the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s a $500.00 cleaning fee will automatically be added to your final bill.

Beverage Service

Ontario Liquor Laws will not permit any service of alcoholic beverages before 11:00 am. All entertainment should cease on time in order to clear the ballroom by 1:30 a.m. The policy of the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s is that all bars must close no later than 1 a.m. in order to clear the ballroom by 1:30 a.m.

  • Alcoholic beverages will be served in strict accordance with AGCO regulations.
  • A bartender fee of $150.00 + HST will apply if bar sales are less than $300.00 (applicable to all bars).
  • In cases where more than one (1) bartender is required, the same fee will apply for each.
  • All beverage prices quoted are subject to 13% HST and 15% Facility Fee.

Taxes & Facility Fees

All food prices quoted are subject to 13% HST and 15% Facility Fee.

Coat Check Charges

Please advise your Event Sales and Services Associate if you wish coat check to be charged to your master account or individually paid for at a cost of $2.00 each.

Meeting Equipment & Supplies

High-Speed Wi-Fi Access, one flipchart and whiteboard, note pad with pen at each place setting, podium, ice water and glasses per meeting room will be supplied free of charge.
Additional flipcharts, notepads and pencils are available at an additional cost.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Requirements and prices for audio/visual equipment can be arranged directly through our in-house audio visual company, Soundbox Productions by calling 905-387-7544.

Entertainment Arrangements

Our Director of Entertainment will be pleased to assist you with unique entertainment options. Call Loren Lieberman at 905-525-2001 and he will be pleased to assist you.

Display Material & Equipment

Clients are responsible for making their own arrangements with respect to the unloading/loading of vehicles and transportation of materials and equipment to the contracted function room or storage location. Loading dock is located on MacNab St. NO LOADING OR UNLOADING will take place on Summers Lane. Should the Centre’s staff be required to assist with the moving of such materials and equipment, a labour charge will apply.

Display material and equipment will not be accepted for storage prior to the contracted move-in day without written approval of the Centre. In the event that such approval is attained, a storage charge will apply and the Centre will not accept responsibility for any stored goods.


The Hamilton Convention Centre reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions.
Liability for damages to the premises will be the responsibility of the licensee and will be charged accordingly. The conveners for any function are held responsible for the other members of their group. The Centre will not assume responsibility for personal property and equipment brought into the facility.

There is no parking in the loading dock area for any vehicles unless the client has been granted in writing the authority to park in the loading dock at 10 McNab St. by the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s.

The Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s reserves the right to schedule in-house security at the client’s expense to protect the integrity of our clients, staff and facility based on the nature of the event.

Consumer and Trade Show Regulations

Exhibitor Floorplans

Your final floorplan should be submitted to the HCC by Carmen’s no less than one month (30 days) prior to your event date for initial evaluation. Please note that your final event associate would be more than happy to assist you with the creating of a viable floorplan in our CAD software at no additional charge. All floorplans must meet municipal and building fire codes, capacities, rules, and regulations.


Sanitation and housekeeping staff will be on site throughout the duration of the entire show in order to maintain cleanliness of common areas including show aisles, foyer space, and washrooms. It is each vendor’s responsibility to maintain their own exhibit space accordingly.


Automobiles including cars, SUVs, limousines, busses, and cube trucks are limited to the first floor trade show space only. Cars, and SUVs are permitted on the trade show floor on the third level of the facility.

In either case, any vehicle entering the building must contain less than a quarter tank of gasoline, be driven into position, placed in park, have the emergency brake engaged, engine turned off, and then have the battery disconnected. If the gas cap on the vehicle is exposed, it must also be locked.

No vehicle with studded or barbed tires will be allowed in the building. Vehicles that are dirty or wet will not be allowed to enter the facility. The HCC by Carmen’s does not allow the parking of personal or private vehicles in the trade show room on the first floor. Any vehicles parked illegally will be removed at the owner’s expense.

Permission to bring in a vehicle (or multiple vehicles) for a trade show or consumer show must be expressly granted by the HCC by Carmen’s in a written document prior to the show date.

Loading Dock

The facility’s loading dock is located at the back of the building at 10 MacNab Street South. Although it is a shared space between the HCC by Carmen’s and Hamilton Place, each venue has its own designated loading bays. No loading or unloading will take place at the front entrance doors on Summers Lane.

The loading bay may have to be shared with other potential events taking place at the HCC by Carmen’s, in the event that there are multiple consumer or trade shows taking place at the venue. It is at the discretion of the HCC by Carmen’s whether or not a convener will be allowed to park a vehicle or truck in the loading dock for the duration of their event.

Loading Dock Supervisor

A loading dock supervisor is required for the duration of your trade/consumer show move in, and move out. The loading dock supervisor will be billed at $30.00 per hour for a minimum of three hours at move in, and a minimum of three hours at move out.

Show Services and Electrical Requirements

The HCC by Carmen’s is a proud partner of Stronco Show Services. Capable of providing you with the full show services package to include pipe and drape 10’ x 10’ booths, draped tables, carpeting, and a full range of electrical needs. Whether your show, meeting, special event or concert is indoors or out, large or small, Stronco Electrical Services can provide a full range of competitively priced, temporary power and lighting services.

  • Temporary power
  • Transformer distribution panels
  • Light stands
  • Cabling

Please note that you are more than welcome to provide an external or third party show services company for pipe and drape, booths, tables, linens, and carpeting. However, all electrical requirements MUST be booked through STRONCO.


1510-B Caterpillar Road
Mississauga, ON
L4X 2W9

Randy Jackson
General Manager, Operations
Cell: 416 990-9526

Debby Romanet
Office Manager
905 270-6767 x-2257

Technical and Audio-Visual

The HCC by Carmen’s is a proud partner of Soundbox Productions. With gear storage and an office right on site, Soundbox is committed to providing the best possible equipment, installation, and operation support regardless of the size of the project. They supply your event with audio solutions, full lighting packages, video solutions, and specialized staging. Their staff‘s production experience covers a wide scope of venues and presentations from concerts and festivals to galas and corporate events.

Due to the fact that Soundbox is based out of Hamilton, located right on site, and is able to store their equipment at the HCC by Carmen’s, they offer great savings which can be passed on to the client for their event.

While the HCC by Carmen’s strongly recommends at least engaging Soundbox Productions for a quote, please note that you are more than welcome to provide an external or third party A/V company if desired.


Soundbox Productions Satellite Office
Hamilton Convention Centre
1 Summers Lane
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 4Y2

Toll Free: 1-855-318-9835
Phone: 905-381-9835
Fax: 905-381-9836

Gerben Vanden Heuvel
Branch Manager 

Event Security

The HCC by Carmen’s will provide, at the client’s expense, security staff dedicated exclusively to the client’s trade/consumer show. The number of staff and duration will be estimated at the time of sale, and confirmed with the client during the event finalization phase by your respective HCC by Carmen’s events associate. This information will be provided to the client well in advance of the event. Security staff will be billed at $30.00 per hour per staff member.


The HCC by Carmen’s does not conduct E-Mail blasts on behalf of any show being hosted at the facility. The client is permitted to submitted posters, flyers, and other advertisements to their respective final events associate in order to advertise at the HCC by Carmen’s front desk, and in the display case located in the front foyer of the facility. Additionally, the HCC by Carmen’s will list the event name, date, and website (if desired) under the “upcoming events” section of the venue’s website. These will all be done complimentary.

Deliveries and Storage

The client shall arrange with the HCC by Carmen’s a convenient time for delivery of equipment and the client shall be responsible for the delivery of the equipment to the storage premises. No shipment or delivery of property to the premises prior to, during, or subsequent to the time of the event shall be accepted onto the premises unless the client or its duly authorized employees, servants, or agents are present to accept the same, unless arrangements have been made with your HCC by Carmen’s final events associate to accept the deliverables on the client’s behalf.

Exhibitors are not to ship display materials or booth equipment to the HCC by Carmen’s prior to the event’s scheduled move in date and time unless express written consent has been provided to the client from their HCC by Carmen’s final events associate.

Freight Elevator

The HCC by Carmen’s features a large 20,000 pound capacity freight elevator which can be used for vendor move in and move out during the designated times to which such activities have been assigned. The freight elevator can be accessed through the loading docks located at the back of the building at 10 MacNab St. When using the freight elevator, a dock supervisor must be hired for load in and load out purposes due to liability regulations.

The first floor show room also features an access loading gate which connects directly to the loading dock.


Please be advised that the HCC by Carmen’s requires a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of TWO (2) MILLION DOLLARS naming the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s and the City of Hamilton as additional insureds. The HCC by Carmen’s reserves the right to increase the amount of liability insurance required depending on the nature of the event, the volume of people expected, and the duration of the event. If additional coverage is required, the client will be notified at the time of booking of the supplementary coverage request.

Concession Food and Beverage

Where the client requests a concession stand to be set up with food and beverage for sale to the event attendees, the HCC by Carmen’s requires a minimum daily sales commitment of $750.00. If this daily minimum is not achieved, the difference will be added to the client’s final invoice.

The exact food and beverage offerings will be finalized by the client in conjunction with their HCC by Carmen’s final events associate prior the addition of concessions to their event. The concession stand(s) will not open unless approved by both parties in advance of the show start date.

SOCAN and Re: Sound

SOCAN refers to a license agreement between Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada and all public venues across Canada. The HCC by Carmen’s is obligated to collect SOCAN license fees, in accordance with applicable tariffs, from all clients and users of the facility in respect of the performance of musical works on the premises which are arranged for authorized by the client, its vendors, agents, or representatives. If you have arranged for music at your event, the HCC by Carmen’s will assess the SOCAN licensing fees payable by you, in accordance with the applicable tariffs.

Re:Sound is a music licensing company authorized to collect license fees on behalf of artists and record companies in accordance with the Copyright Act. The HCC by Carmen’s is obligated to collect Re:Sound License Fees in accordance with applicable tariffs.

These fees must be charged on weddings, events, meetings, conventions, receptions, galas, fashion shows, trade shows, and consumer shows when music of any type is played or performed in public. The SOCAN and Re: Sound fees applicable are based on the capacity of the space being used, regardless of actual number of attendees. Please see the chart below for a breakdown of SOCAN and Re: Sound fees:

Room Capacity SOCAN RE: Sound
(seated & standing) No Dance Dance No Dance Dance
1 – 100 $20.56 $41.13 $9.25 $18.51
101 – 300 $29.56 $59.17 $13.30 $26.63
301 – 500 $61.69 $123.38 $27.76 $55.52
> 500 $87.40 $174.79 $39.33 $78.66

 International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE)

For any events requiring specialized lighting, sound and other theatrical equipment for event, performances, or for publicly ticketed productions, labour may have to be contracted/completed by employees of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. The HCC by Carmen’s occasionally works with IATSE locals 129 and 173. The client will be notified prior to booking if IATSE stage hands, rigger, or operators are required for their particular event. If IATSE labour is required it would be limited to publicly ticketed theatrical productions, and does not include other event set up items such as setting stages, audio-visual, lighting, or food and beverage operation. These services would be provided by the HCC by Carmen’s or one of its vendors.

Third Party Contractors

The use of non-preferred outside vendors to supply any services to the client’s event at the HCC by Carmen’s may result in an additional fee charged to the supplier and/or client. The HCC by Carmen’s must approve the service provider in advance of the event, and will notify the client if any additional fees apply.