Sustainability and Community Impact

Sustainability & Community Impact


The Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our venue and services. Our facility features LED lighting and 24/7 monitoring of heating, ventilation and air conditioning through a central utility plant in order to ensure proper resource management. All washroom and laundry facilities feature high-efficiency toilets, motion-sensor faucets with low-flow aerators, and Energy Star washing machines.  To reduce waste, we have implemented a recycling program to dispose of paper, packaging and food scraps. Additionally, we sanitize our facility with certified non-toxic cleaning materials.

To reduce the carbon footprint of our events, bars are stocked with glassware and recyclable bottled beer and wine products instead of disposables. We support local, sustainable farming and the nearby Niagara wine region by sourcing seasonal Ontario produce and regional wines for our menus.

Additionally, the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s is proud to work together to develop a weekly food donation program with Mission Services.  All “untouched” leftover food items are safely stored for pick up by Mission Services a few times a week for use in local Hamilton food shelters.


Community Impact

The Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s is committed to improving the vitality of our community by attracting large, world-class events to Hamilton. Having a strong and dynamic convention and event facility in the downtown core is a crucial element in the continued growth and development of our city. The meeting, convention and special event business is an economic powerhouse which quietly generates billions of dollars each year across Canada. With Carmen’s Group at the helm, the revitalization of our facility will bring more of this valuable business to Hamilton and will greatly benefit our cities reputation and flourishing economy.

Our events attract organizations and guests from across the world who seek to experience all that our city has to offer. Additionally, these delegates and attendees typically spend four times the amount of money at local businesses than other tourists do each day. This money is infused into diverse areas including accommodations, transportation, retail, dining, entertainment, and attractions. In turn, the increased tax revenues from this business help to fund and support local schools, hospitals, community centers and more.

The Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s is proud to use our business as a platform to showcase the beautiful City of Hamilton to those that otherwise may not travel to our city.